The Savior Son


The Savior Son
By Lucia K Haase

They came from near – they came from very far,
to praise the Babe beneath the brilliant star-
as on that day, new life had just begun
for God had sent to us a Savior Son!

With arms outstretched, he beckoned all the world;
an infant Babe’s new love had been unfurled,
and now mankind would come to know the One-
For God had sent to us a Savior Son!

A Babe who’s praised as child, then as man,
revealed to us in God’s eternal plan
and blessed are we each hallowed day begun-
for God has sent to us a Savior Son!

A King of Kings, residing Heavenly
who guides us onward to eternity-
the gift of life – the gift of love – the One –
all praise to Jesus Christ, the Savior Son!




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