The Scale


The Scale
By W A Zamorano

O hear and understand
all people of every land
Justice and Judgment are in My hand.

Truth is My measuring rod.
Justice is My scale.
When you cling to truth,
you will not fail.

My Word is the foundation.
My free gift is Salvation,
poured out on every nation.

Will you receive?
Will you believe?
The blood of Jesus is the weight
that tips the scale.
Sin is erased.
My Justice has prevailed.

When you gaze at the cross,
what do you see?
Do you understand what
happened on that tree?
The judgment for your crime,
became Mine.

The cross of Calvary is the scale.
The blood poured out,
when they pierced His side,
has made the balance right.

The flowing of the everlasting tide
has lifted man out of damnation
and through the free gift of Salvation
transferred him
out of the kingdom of darkness
into the kingdom of light.

The goats to the left
and the sheep to the right.
Even as the two men by Jesus side.
One was condemned,
the other was justified.

The cross is the divider.
You are the decider.
Which side of the scale are you on?
When from the Great White Throne
My Son will divide.
Will you be to His left or to His right?

Here is the good news,
There is still time to decide.
Invite Jesus into your heart
and you’ll be to His right.
Only through the shed blood of My Son,
is there justification for anyone.




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