Through Setbacks


Through Setbacks
By June Stein

Jesus is always molding and teaching us,
Lovingly shepherding us, as He reaches us,
When something seems won, and then slips away,
The rock of our faith holds us fast, when we pray.

What should we do, as things fall apart…
Is that how He touches another’s faint heart?
We look for His counsel, and follow His lead,
As we try to enlighten another in need.

We share what He puts in our heart and our mind,
As we tell of His love, in the plan He designed,
When it seems we are being ‘unheard’ and ignored,
Only through Jesus, can hope be restored.

We go to His throne, as did David, of old,
We make our cares known, for we can be bold,
Only He can bring forth when we’ve planted a seed,
Only He can supply what that person may need.

Jesus is faithful; His timing is best,
And answers do come; to this we attest,
He works in quiet, mysterious ways,
That fill us with wonder, thanksgiving and praise!




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