Touch Him


Touch Him
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

She only touched His garment
as the crowds pressed all around,
with jostling and with chatter,
she did not make a sound.
She only touched His garment,
but Jesus made her whole,
He healed her painful body,
and bought healing to her soul.

There must have been a lot of folk
pressing round Him on that day,
who did not try to touch Him,
and unhealed, they went away.
“Your faith has made you whole” He said
as her hand reached out to Him,
He took away her illness
and cleansed her from her sin.

Are you like the many
who heard but turned away,
or like the ones who lingered
before going on their way?.
In faith she touched His garment,
and Jesus made her whole,
will you reach out and touch Him
receive healing for your soul?

Many turned away from Him,
the truth they did not see,
but she went home rejoicing,
for He had set her free.
If you reach out and touch Him,
tell Him you believe,
You too will be rejoicing,
for His healing you will receive.


[Luke 8:43-48]



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