Trough Of Despond


Trough Of Despond
By Tom D Blakely

When on a deep sea trawler, having lowered away the net
Feeling very nauseous I was not rushing back to bed.

The deck lights were extinguished, but I stayed out for a while
The pitch-black sea rose up against the stormy night-time sky.

Sea water showered against my face, the winter wind did howl
I balanced on the heaving deck, gloved hands holding tight the rail.

There was some heat below deck; my bunk was dry and warm
But when the boat rolls on its side, it might cause me more harm.

Maybe this is not my calling; it’s been rough since I began
My fellow crew all seem content; they cannot understand.

The boat is in a deep sea trough, with high waves all around
Will I ever see daylight, perhaps I will be drowned?


Do you feel your life’s like this, with trouble everywhere?
You did your best and worked so hard but this is where you are?

The life you lived has come adrift, your job or health have gone?
Family for which you gave your all, seem to only bring you pain?

The stress builds up emotionally, you’re stomach churns inside
The rising storm has hid the light that used to be your guide.

The peace you knew in Christ your Lord has long eluded you
You worry now both day and night, not knowing what to do.

You used to have some Christian friends that you depended on
But you could not relate to them and now they all have gone.

Perhaps you think: ‘What did I do, to deserve all of this?’
How the Serpent loves to torture you, by hissing: ‘Blame yourself!’

But you don’t need to be upset, in the dark trough of despond
The Lord of all is with you there; to Him alone respond:

‘Lord I pray rebuke the Devil, for he thinks that he has won.
This cannot be for I am Yours, and to keep me You have sworn.’


Somehow, (I don’t remember much) I woke up from my bunk
The storm had eased, daylight had come; the vessel hadn’t sunk.

Much relieved, I began to pray, but was stopped by these words:
‘Peace is not in circumstance, but trusting in the Lord.’


‘Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.’
[Proverbs 3:5-6]



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