Unmerited Blessings


Unmerited Blessings
By June Stein

Unmerited blessings won on the cross,
When Christ died for our salvation,
As He shed His blood and suffered for sin…
All the sins of every nation.

Now our Savior is with us and in us,
In the Father’s merciful love,
Redemption is ours through Jesus our Lord,
By the Grace that comes from above.

How intimately our God loves us each,
As He holds us all in His hand,
From the creation we were, and we are
A part of His wonderful plan.

There’s nothing about us He does not know,
He would draw us each to His heart,
He doesn’t compel, we go in our will,
Because we were His from the start.

When we live in that knowledge and trust Him,
We’ll walk with our Lord every day,
He will teach us and guide and protect us,
In love, we will follow His way.

Only then will we realize fully,
How gloriously we are blessed,
With unmerited, wonderful blessings,
Our soul is forever at rest.




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