We All Were Rebels


We All Were Rebels
By Tom D Blakely

I was a rebel to God and all that He stood for
And didn’t feel I was alone.
All of my family, and my friends all around me
Held similar views to my own.

I didn’t think anything much about anything
Except things that happened to me.
Then sudden destruction came down on my family
And that’s when I started to see.

There had to be a God or why else would I blame Him
For loss of my family and friends?
So many are gone, but where have they gone to?
Is this life where life really ends?

A great battle commenced though it all was inside me
And I didn’t know right from wrong.
Like two worlds had collided with me in the middle
Not knowing which side I was on.

For we all were rebels bound in chains of our nature
From ourselves, we most need release.
Like a child who thinks he can climb roofs like his father
But when stuck cries: ‘Help Daddy, please!’

By this stage of my life I could not get much higher
I’d tried every ‘roof’ that I could.
Temptations of this world left a taste that was bitter
I couldn’t find anything good.

The battle raged on until I called a ceasefire
I’d stopped taking sides by this time.
I knew God was in it so I thought I should listen
Maybe He had a better plan?

I was a rebel to God and all that He stood for
When I realized that I was alone.
I was stuck on a roof, feeling guilty and frightened
When God said it was time to come down.




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