We Know Who!


We Know Who!
By Christine Hare Tate


Who makes the lion roar,
The bumblebee buzz,
And the mighty eagle soar?
If not God, who does?

Who gives the birds a melody
And sends the morning dew?
Created fish to fill the sea
The Lord above, that’s who!

Who designed the human race
And every wild creature?
God put all the parts in place
And each distinctive feature.

Who sends the rain to water
The earth’s dense vegetation?
The God of perfect order
And master of creation.

Who aids the tiny insects
To think and stay alive?
It’s the Lord who directs
Their instinct to survive

Who hurled the planets into space
And formed the galaxies?
The Lord above who sets the pace
By His divine decree!

Who do we worship and adore
And acknowledge before men?
Jesus who reigns forevermore
And will come back again!




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