We Think WE’RE Busy?


We Think WE’RE Busy?
By Rita Broden

Alarm goes off, we groan and cringe
‘Oh, please! Just 10 minutes more!’
Get up, we must. Get dressed and then
Begin the daily chores

Fix breakfast, eat, go start the car
So the windows will defrost
Check the kids, make sure they’re dressed
And hunt for the shoe that’s lost

Get in the car, head down the road
Drop off the kids at school
(No kisses as we’re dropping off
‘Cause THAT would be un-cool!)

Head to work, park the car
Walk to the desk, sit down
See the mounds of paperwork
And try hard not to frown

Leave the job, go pick kids up
And then head to the house
Begin preparing supper
For our children and our spouse

Soccer practice is tonight
Oh, yes!  Cheerleading too
And then the school board meeting
(We’ll be glad when this day’s through)

Go home, make kids get homework done
Give baths and send to bed
Already, tomorrow’s meeting at work
Goes ‘round and ‘round our head

Relax a bit and watch TV
Shower and go to bed
No time for prayer, we’re off to sleep
As pillow meets our head


The Lord:
He never sleeps or slumbers
For Him it’s ALWAYS day
He’s always busy answering
Those prayers His children pray

THINK about those many prayers!
And yet, He hears them all!
Who else BUT He could hear
Those many voices as they call?!

He revels in our obedience!
Then He issues out rewards!
He then takes time to give the charge:
‘Angels! Guard your wards!’

The smallest care a child has
The big concerns we see
He’s got His eyes upon them all
He takes care of them perfectly!

An accident deflected
Lives spared as He has planned
Catastrophes avoided
All because of His mighty hand!

He even watches the sparrows!
One doesn’t die and He not know!
He paints beautifully the flowers
In the fields as they grow!

He’s the ultimate multi-tasker!
We’ve no comparison to He!
And yet, we think WE’RE busy?!
As busy as Him we’ll NEVER be!

When we find ourselves exhausted
From the busy lives we’ve made
We should remember all our Lord God does
And the price that He freely paid-

To provide for us salvation-
To live with Him eternally
MAKE some time for prayer and praise!
HE’S WORTH IT! Don’t you agree?!




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