What A Lord!


What A Lord!
By Rita Broden

The hand of God moves skillfully
No errors does He make
Precision is a part of Him
There’s no such thing as a mistake

Each movement’s planned with purpose
To achieve the best outcome
What WE conceive as a disaster
HE may use to bless someone

His ways are far beyond ours
His thoughts we cannot comprehend
But if we learn to truly trust Him
We’ll find He is the best of friends

Always wanting what is best for us
With patience does He guide
And even if we slip and fall
He’s still right by our side

He’ll pick us up and right us
He will forgive when we have need
More than WE could ever want
HE wants us to succeed

So gentle is our Savior
So loving is our Lord
So forgiving and compassionate
No wonder He’s so adored

Speechless I can find myself
To utter words of laud
The words I know don’t measure up
To my mind, heart, soul so very awed

I get excited when I think about
The praise we’ll know some day
Humanity’s restrictions
Will all be wiped away

That aching that we have right now
To give the praise that He is due
Will vanish one of these old days
When we’re given bodies new

When we finally get to Heaven
We’ll know the fullest words of praise
Bless you Lord and Savior!
Bless you Ancient of days!




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