What Do You Believe?


What Do You Believe?
By Souad Susu Majdoub

An essential question
As the title above will mention.
Arresting your inner-man
With an answer you just cannot plan.

What do your truly believe?
That the earth was formed in six days?
That the Divine Creator ordained for you to happen?
Does it irk you some
That you do not know when He will come?
Which hour He knocks
What color of sheep He flocks?

What do you believe will happen in a decade?
Why the faith of some, the dispair of others?
The chaos of orderliness,
The tragedy of executed finesse?

Why all this and yet a deep longing
A thirst for the unknown?

Not man’s perception of love!
Not his notes on relationships!
None of these but God’s definition
Will rule and give you source to believe.

Believe on Him to walk you through eternity!
Be counselled right now by His ever-present nature!
Without all the answers,
Just let go and let God be all He is.

Simply believe in Him, then you will know that you are home.




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