What Started As A Weed Bed


What Started As A Weed Bed
By Rita Broden

What started as a weed bed
Is now a beauty rare
The weeds were plucked and all dug up
Replaced by flowers (with much care).

I found that some of those old weeds
Went way down deep inside
With roots so long and oh, so strong
They knew just where to hide.

And if I missed just one of them
It wouldn’t take too long
Before the weed would grow again
(Did I mention that they’re strong?).

Yep! Those weeds are truly pests
And must be dealt with right
They’ll strangle flower’s beauty
As they grow both day and night.

Just like roots of weeds, sin is
It can sneak in anywhere
Unless we cul-ti-vate
Our spiritual garden (with much care!).

Dig sin up and cast it out!
Don’t let its roots sink in!
Let Jesus blossom in you!
Get the victory over sin!


[Matthew 7:21-23]



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