What Would Jesus Say?


What Would Jesus Say?
By Christine Hare Tate

I wonder what the Lord Jesus would say
If He physically visited churches today?
Would He see a circus, or a one man show?
or hear diluted sermons wherever He’d go?
Would the truth be preached without apology?
or would pleasing men be what He’d see?
Would His gospel be preached as it was meant?
with a strong emphasis for men to repent?
Would Jesus see men surrender their will
or following after the latest thrill?
Would He see church funds properly used
or the sheep being fleeced and abused?
What will we hear Jesus say
as we face Him on judgment day?
“Well done good and faithful servant,
welcome, for you’ve been fervent”?
or “I never knew you please depart,
you served Me not with all your heart!
Unauthorized to do what you did,
things My word clearly forbids.”
Help us Lord to PLEASE only You,
as the body of Christ is expected to!


[Matthew 7:21-23]



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