When The Enemy Condemns…


When The Enemy Condemns… Our Jesus Will Defend
By Cinda M Carter

‘Let us Rejoice in Jesus and Praise Him’

Let me take a little time to reflect…
I know Jesus is here to protect.
He protects His children in the wilderness of life.
God promises us that He has forgiven us through the
Blood Of Christ.

Yet, as His children we often spend time by being afraid…
We are sometimes afraid of missing the mark if we are not brave.
One of the enemies greatest tools against God’s children is to condemn them.
But it is Jesus’ job to defend the weakest of His children in Him.

Jesus has a plan…
He wants His children to be able to stand,
Stand against the wiles of the enemy.
So, that His children can be set free.

Let us take our mind off of ourselves…
So, we may praise and worship God then dwell.
Dwell on our Heavenly Father through Jesus where there is love and trust.
Out of the enemy’s comdemnation that binds us.

Help us Lord to focus…
Focus on You for You, Lord have chosen us.
Let us put on the whole Amour of God and stand our ground.
With a two edged sword in our hand and the praises of God in our mouth,
Proclaiming the Christ whom we have found.

When the enemy condemns…
Our Jesus is there to defend,
Jesus, defends us from the enemy’s accusations.
Let us Rejoice in Jesus and Praise Him.


‘Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.’
[Romans 8:34]



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