Where Will Your Child Live?


Where Will Your Child Live?
By Rita Broden

A father read his four year old
A fairy tale or two
But the father didn’t realize
His child thought they were true.

His four year old told all his friends
The stories he’d been read
His friends now begged for fairy tales
Before they went to bed.

Nothing could dissuade them
From believing what they heard
They trusted those who told the tales
And clung to every word.

A brand new world was opening
Within each child’s mind
A fairy tale city
Unrestricted; unconfined.

I guess it isn’t wrong
To tell a fairy tale or two
But the downside to those fairy tales
Is that they are not true.

Suppose you only read your child
Stories from God’s Word
Imagine how their faith would grow
From everything they heard.

Every night they’d go to bed
With God’s Word on their mind
A faith filled world they’d live in
Unrestricted; unconfined.




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