Who Are You?


Who Are You?
By Tom D Blakely

Dubius Preachers. . .

With all your knowledge and degrees
All that we hear are godless pleas
For more money for the church
But do you really need so much?

Perhaps you need a brand new car
To replace the one you bought last year?
Or your golf club membership is due
Perhaps you would like a Learjet too!

In bold letters you promoted yourself
More know your name, than know Jesus!
Come and hear the great soul-winner
Gifted in making wallets thinner.

Is the crowd deluded or is it just him?
Believing he can save them from their sin!
He flatters them with godly sentiment
They cover him like flies on excrement.

How long will you get away with this fraud?
You may mock man, but you don’t mock God!
Before you teach your flock what’s right
Read up to see what Christ is like!

He was humble; but you are proud
You love yourself; He loved God.
You say you love others too (but)
Just as long as they agree with you.

Christ flattered no one and was rejected
You flatter all you need to be accepted.
The Lord turned His back on worldly fame
To celebrity preachers it’s a ‘numbers game’.

As Christians we must give account
For our stewardship on every point,
What we gave and what we took
Is recorded in a heavenly book.

In front of every other saint
Our dirty secrets will be read out!
Think on this; make it your aim
To live today to prevent such shame!

Do you think that Jesus doesn’t know
What’s done for Him, and what’s for show?
He reads our hearts and minds but still
Shamelessly some oppose His will!

Consider now, the apostle Paul
The greatest missionary of all,
Preacher of preachers and martyr too
How little he resembles you!

No other wealth did he possess
But Jesus’ blood and righteousness.
He paid his way and ministered the word
Tent making helped earn his daily bread!

Between preaching Christ, and prison cells
Paul caused Satan’s host to sound hell’s bells!
In Christ, Paul caused him grievous harm.
Do you cause Satan such alarm?

You may be known amongst your own
Those congregations you’re sponging from,
But are you known in hell for Jesus’ sake?
In Christ, do you make the demons quake?

Do you preach the gospel, pure and true?
Satan knows that his enemies today are few!
‘Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but. . .
Preacher friend… who are you?’


‘And the evil spirit answered and said,
Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?’
[Acts 19:15]



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