Who Cares?


Who Cares?
By Frederick Blanchard

Who is it, that cares about me,
That understands my worries and pain,
The sleepless nights, the agonizing days,
In this suffering, what can be the gain?

The heavy laden are called by name,
For personal attention by the Awesome One.
The Lord of all creation, the Counsellor,
Who brings to us peace, as God’s beloved Son.

He gives us a sip of refreshing cool water,
As we come into his presence, so divine,
Our trials slip quickly away into insignificance,
As he stills the turmoil and sweetens our bitter wine.

True friendship we find in the heart of Jesus,
Bruised, beaten and forgotten, he was indeed,
So he understands our struggles first hand,
Still with unconditional love he will intercede.




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