Who Is My Neighbour?


Who Is My Neighbour?
By Sylvia E Blakely

When Jesus told a Lawyer
Love your neighbour as yourself
He asked who is my neighbour?
Probably thinking of friends of his.

Jesus said: there was a Jew
Walking the Jericho road
He was attacked and beaten
And the thieves left him for dead.

First a Jewish Priest came past
But crossed to the other side
Then along came a Levite
Had a look, and also left.

As the stranger lay dying
A Samaritan came by
He looked and saw the open wounds
Gently he cleared the blood away.

He sat him on his donkey
And walked to the nearest Inn
He didn’t want to leave him there
So he stayed all night with him.

When morning came he had to go
But told the Keeper what to do.
Take care to look after him
I’ll pay whatever he might owe.

Jesus told this parable
To show who our ‘neighbour’ is
The Samaritan story shows
It’s anyone we come across.


[Luke 10:25-37]



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