Whom The Lord Has Set Free…


Whom The Lord Has Set Free Is Free Indeed
By Cinda M Carter

There are two kinds of freedom to be considered…
To begin with this is not a riddle,
There is the kind the world counts as being free.
If it feels good, do it, this is their philosophy.

The carnal man…
Cannot understand,
His eyes are blind and cannot see.
What it truly means to free.

Free from sin and death…
That manifests itself in the flesh.
We cannot be set free without the blood of Christ.
As our pure and sinless sacrifice.

True freedom comes from knowing the Lord…
And realizing what He has in store,
We may experience pain and sorrow.
But God promises us a new tomorrow.

One without the guilt of our sins…
Then to be cleansed.
From all our past, present and future sins,
When we’ve made the decision to repent.

No need to look back in our past.
Enjoy His presence in the present.
The future remains in His providence,
This is His freedom that we experience.

For Whom the Lord sets free is free indeed…


‘If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.’
[John 8.36]



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