Worthy Of His Name


Worthy Of His Name
By Tom D Blakely

A soldier fled the battlefield
To Alexander he was brought.
Things didn’t look good for him
Bowed at his commander’s feet.

Alexander The Great was fearless
This soldier was a cowardly shame.
Alexander looking down at him,
Asked: ‘Soldier, what is your name?’

The terrified soldier shaking with fear
Said: ‘Alexander . . .  to my shame.’
The commander voiced his judgement:
‘Change your ways, or change your name!’

This story made me realize
That I bear Jesus’ name.
And often in the heat of battle
I fail, and cause Him shame.

Christ is greater than Alexander
In leadership and wisdom.
He loves me for I bear His name
Yet hates the failure of my sin.

Besetting sins still hinder me
In thought, and word, and deed.
But for my Lord and by His power
I’ll fight, and will succeed.

And when the war is over
One thing I crave in heaven;
To hear the voice of Jesus say:
‘You are worthy of my name.’




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