Written In The Lamb’s Book


Written In The Lamb’s Book
By June Stein

A great and glorious time is coming for those who serve the Lord,
Glories, written for our comfort in the Holy Word,
For those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life,
The Holy City waits, where the Glory of God is the Light.

For now, it often seems as though the arrogant are blest,
That evil doers prosper, and put God to the test,
But the day shall come when all they have depended on as fact,
Will disappear in ashes, as the Lord of Hosts will act.

Then those who feared the Lord, and thought upon His Name,
Will be called to be with Him, as a Father His dear son would claim,
The sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings,
We will join with all the saints to sing praises to our King.

Things long foretold are coming to pass,
God’s people know it in their soul,
It’s not that we can see the future,
But that God’s Holy Word tells us so.


 [Malachi 3:14-16 and 4:2]



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