Yes, I Am Blessed


Yes, I Am Blessed
By Cinda M Carter

As I look back I see from where I have come.
My sins were as scarlet, I felt empty and undone…
Then I looked up to my only hope.
I knew this was the only way I would be able to cope.

My life was desolate and there was no meaning.
It took God’s Love to free me.
My prayer was, Dear Lord, come what may,
Please show me the way.

Along with the prayers were many tears.
And through the years…
There had been many unanswered questions and many fears to face.
Then I found forgiveness through Christ under God’s Grace.

God’s Love comes through our Savior.
With His unmerited favor.
God Himself came in the flesh to present to us His ideal solution,
By giving us His Son for our Salvation.

Only by God’s Mercy, this is the secret I have found in life.
During the times of tribulation and strife,
It’s to trust and obey,
Even when you feel afraid.

Through perseverance,
God will make the way and give you clearance.
But sometimes misunderstood,
Is just believing if only I could.

It’s making a commitment to obey
Even when you still feel afraid.
Yes, I am blessed,
But not without trials and tests.

Will the decision be for yourself, for others or His sake?
That is a choice we all have to make.
When we decide to come to Him and confess.
Yes, you too will be blessed.




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