Your Love


Your Love
By Rita Broden

YOUR love instilled within me, Lord,
That plea has been my prayer
And yesterday through one small act
You kindly dropped it there!

My eyes were quickly opened!
My heart near burst with joy!
That wall of misconception
You broke through and did destroy!

You taught me in a moment
The love I’ve hungered for
This freedom that I’ve found in love
Is causing me to soar!

To soar above the squabbles
And soar above the greed
To soar above all selfishness
And furnish someone’s need.

To soar above all judgment
And soar above man’s hate
To soar above the petty things
That cause so much debate.

With patience and with kindness
I’ll walk this straightest road
Showing love to all I meet
YOUR love, Lord, overflowed!

Arrogance and rudeness
Must hit the dusty trail!
Insist upon my way? NO MORE!
MY way did only fail!

No more will I be grumpy!
Resentment has now ceased!
Those things no longer have a place
Since God’s love’s been released!

Snicker at someone’s remarks
Of someone they don’t like?
I’ll NOT rejoice at wrongdoing!
God says it isn’t right!

I will rejoice in truth, yes sir!
And boldly will I shout it!
Truth is all I care to know
No ifs, ands, buts about it!

I’ll bear all things despite what comes
I’ll believe all things as told
I’ll hope and I’ll endure all things
No part of love will I withhold.

I’ll walk among my fellow man
And consider them all friends
I can do this now because
I have God’s love that never ends!




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