Your Word


Your Word
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

I thank you Lord that from my youth,
I have memorised your word.
So no matter where I wander,
through it, your voice is heard.
Your word that’s hidden in my heart,
you bring to me each day.
Always I find just what I need,
is exactly what You say.
A word to comfort and to cheer,
when I am feeling low.
A word to give me courage,
when I have to fight the foe.
Sometimes a word of warning,
when I find temptation near,
or a word to give to others,
who need a word of cheer.
The words that I have hidden
deep within my heart,
Bring me peace and comfort,
and help me through the dark.
Words of praise come to me,
when gladness fills my soul.
So Lord I want to thank you,
for your word, that makes me whole.




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