Zacchaeus The Tax Collector


Zacchaeus The Tax Collector
By Sylvia E Blakely

A crowd had come to Jericho
they heard Jesus was coming through
there was a rich man called Zacchaeus
who was too short to get a view.

There must be another way?
I’ll climb up that big tree
hide in the leaves and keep still
so nobody can see me.

As soon as Zacchaeus climbed the tree
he heard a voice call out
‘Zacchaeus come down from there!’
Jesus had found him out.

Then Jesus said to Zacchaeus
‘I will stay at your house today.’
So joyfully he climbed down
To hear what Jesus had to say.

The jealous crowd below complained
‘What a strange choice to take?
this Zacchaeus is a sinner
surely Jesus has made a mistake?

But when Zacchaeus brought Jesus home
he asked forgiveness for his sin…
It’s only when we admit our sin
and receive Christ we are forgiven.

[Luke 19:1-10]



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