A Testimony To The Faithfulness of God


A Testimony To The Faithfulness of God
By W A Zamorano

Beloved, let me tell you
What I have gone through
When darkness came in
And darkness tried to win

When this deep depression hit
It was as if I was sinking
Into a bottomless pit
The horror would not quit

Where was God in all of this
What did I miss
Where did I go wrong
What happened to my song

At first all my friends came to pray
But as time went by they stayed away
They didn’t know what to say
It seemed that my condition was here to stay

Before the enemy came in to destroy
I was known as Misses Joy
It was plain for everyone to see
His Joy was written all over me

Now, my countenance was one of despair
I saw demons everywhere
A paralyzing fear was taking control
Gripping my heart, binding my soul

My mind was telling me
You are lost for all eternity
You’ve committed the unpardonable sin
I could not read the Word of God
More condemnation is all it brought

But let me tell you, my Friend
Even though outwardly
It looked like it was the end
And in the Lake of Fire
Eternity I was going to spend

There came a day
When I heard my spirit sing
A little song down deep within
God is so good, God is so good

O hallelujah, although the darkness
Went on for a whole two years
And I shed a lot of tears
Being paralyzed by many fears

Glory be to God
I had not lost my sanity
God had not forsaken me
Deliverance came suddenly

Something rose up inside of me
I got angry at the enemy
Out of my own mouth
Came a triumphant shout

Jesus Himself had travailed
And the intercession of my
Faithful friends had not failed

“The Lion of Judah has prevailed”

Is what I heard myself proclaim
Asunder ripped the devil’s chain
As I continued to shout out loud
Giving Glory to Jesus’ Name

Deliverance at last had come
By the intercession of Jesus Christ,
Who is God’s only Son
Who is the Lion of Judah
Who is the Lamb that was slain
O bless His holy Name

The dark night of the soul had passed
My spirit and soul were free at last
Beloved, although I could not see
Our Heavenly Father,
Had given His angels charge over me

All Glory, Honor and Power
To God alone
Who is seated on the Throne
He is your shelter and high tower
He is with you in your darkest hour.




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