Abraham, God’s Friend


Abraham, God’s Friend
By W A Zamorano

Far away in the land of Ur
There lived a man named Abraham
God called him to leave that place
Because the people had gone astray
Worshipping idols made of clay.

Abraham obeyed right away
And left his relatives and friends
To travel to a distant land
He took his nephew and his wife
Trusting God to provide.

The journey was hard and long
But God kept them strong
He took care of them
And brought them safely to the
Promised land
God told Abraham ‘I am your friend.’

Abraham thought that is great
And even though Sarah was very old
Abraham asked God for a son
And God promised to give him one.

He took him outside one night
And showed Abraham the sky
And told him your descendents
Will be as numerous as the stars on high.

Abraham and Sarah, his wife
Lived a very long time
Until one day
the baby boy God had promised them
Was on the way.

They named him Isaac
Which means laughter
Because they were filled with joy
At the birth of the little boy.


This is a true story of Abraham’s faith in God.
Abraham’s faith was rewarded, and still is today…
Because by faith in God we may be descendents of Abraham!
Are you a friend of God like Abraham?


[Genesis 12]




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