By Tom D Blakely

I am pathetic, yes I am
to this I must admit.
I know I am and You do too;
Lord, to You I now submit.

Even when I try my best
my mind is full of doubt.
I read Your word and take it in
But fail to live it out.

How long Lord; Lord how long,
will your Spirit stay with me?
When though I seek to serve just You
I fail; for all to see!

I talk the talk and act the part,
I pray and read Your word.
But though I seek to do Your will
I know, I fail You Lord.

Here in this dark and godless age,
Have mercy on Your church.
Remove the devil’s mantel Lord:
The cloak of compromise!

Lord help us share the gospel truth;
let nothing make us fear
to spread the undiluted truth
to the hell-bound far and near.


The Holy Spirit is quenched when we compromise the gospel.
Should we tell others about an ‘anything-goes-all-loving God’, or tell the whole truth?
Jesus talked more about hell than heaven for good reason… so why don’t we?
We ought to obey God rather than men; if God saved us, we must share that with others.
In former times of revival people didn’t come to Jesus because heaven sounded nice;
they came in fear of hell, under conviction of the Holy Spirit, seeking God’s mercy.
We cannot expect revival when we compromise the gospel.

‘We ought to obey God rather than men.’
[Acts 5:29]



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