Eyes Fixed On Jesus


Eyes Fixed On Jesus
By Tom D Blakely

I focus on my Christian walk; on the trouble and the strife
As if the measure of success is the ups and downs of life.

The way we deal with trial shows Christian maturity
But the more I view the more I see failure staring back at me.

Should I not learn from my mistakes, to avoid the same again?
To learn from my experience, to improve my life for Him?

What went wrong here, what went wrong there? I focus on the detail.
But it doesn’t help my confidence, dwelling on the times I fail?

God is God of the living; post mortems are for the dead.
Faith does not dwell on circumstance, but trusts in the Lord instead.

In my life I will see failure; and more, the more I view.
But when my eyes are fixed on Jesus I prosper in all I do.




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