Faith In Him


Faith In Him
By Frederick Blanchard

Fear not when the Shepherd whispers at your heart’s door,
He only wants to invite you into His flock.
When you hear His voice, you will come to know Him,
And feel His love despite any stumbling block.

Invitations delivered by God’s word to walk with Him,
Say, come and find comfort in the garden of peace.
Trust in Me, says the Lord, and I will give you new life,
Drink from My Cup, and your woes it will displace.

In spirit of worship to the creator of all that is good,
Let all voices sing hymns in grateful unison to Him,
Naturalizing our whole being into God’s personal family,
Basking in the presence of our Lord, Elohim.

Immersing into the aurora of the Father’s holy love,
All troubles of the night and day slip quietly away.
And moment by moment and step by step living by faith,
Brings us to a place of solitude day by day.




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