False Assumptions


False Assumptions
By Tom D Blakely

My brain doesn’t like blank spaces and tends to fill these in
If it doesn’t know the answer it’ll make one up instead.
I’m blind to my own blind spots and often think I know
The story as completed; according to my head.

How disastrous for relations when we think we know it all.
How often we speak so boldly, about something we don’t know:
‘There’s been a lot of Sundays since he gave an offering to the church.’
Not knowing he gave through his bank and not for outward show.

I told my wife so often to be careful what she spent
Obviously she ignored this and went on a shopping spree:
‘Did you need to buy expensive shoes when we’re knee-deep in debt?’
Not knowing these were a broken pair her father fixed for free.

Lord, You know that I’m not perfect and do not know it all
Please bring to my attention these shortcuts of my mind.
Stop me making false assumptions and guard my bitter tongue
That I might be more loving and when in doubt be kind.




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