Fan The Flame


Fan The Flame
By W A Zamorano

There is a fire in my soul
burning deep within.
Come Holy Spirit
blow on the kindling.

There is an altar in my heart,
an altar unto the King.
Prayers…like incense rising,
a sweet aroma unto Him.

Lord, I present my body
a living sacrifice,
holy, acceptable to You.
Lord, send your refining fire,
purge me through and through.

All consuming fire burn within
please accept my offering.
Lord, stoke the wood,
stir the coals,
purify me like gold and silver,
let only righteousness remain.
Lord, fan the Flame.

Lord, make me a firebrand,
a burning torch for you,
aglow with the Spirit,
being made brand new.

I must keep the fire burning.
The holy fire of God’s Love.
Lord, please cleanse me,
change me into your image.
don’t want to be the same.
Holy Spirit fan the flame.




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