Feelings And Faith


Feelings And Faith
By June Stein

How I feel can’t effect my faith,
on any given day,
Feelings can change for many reasons,
and too easily get in the way,
Feelings can be flighty as a kite,
sailing in the wind,
While faith stands strong on solid rock,
and doesn’t break or bend.
Faith sees me through the good and bad,
as I walk along through life,
While I prefer the mountain top times,
There’s bound to be some strife.

God wants me to walk with Him,
just one step at a time,
The path upon which He takes me,
doesn’t need MY reason or rhyme.
The Master of the Way is with me,
everywhere I go,
When my walk is finished…looking back,
I’ll marvel at what I behold.
Each step was planned the perfect way,
To get me to the top,
A loving mix of challenges,
that will not let me stop.

I need what I am learning,
each step along the way,
To better face the next one
until my final day,
Then, I’m sure that God will help me,
understand the flow,
Of all my life experiences,
As He molded and shaped my soul.




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