By Tom D Blakely

Was there a time you doubted God’s word
You felt let down and almost despaired?

Problems you had seemed too much to bear
Maybe you asked does God really care?

Feelings may lift, but also depress
Don’t ever feel that all is a mess.

Did you think God had given up on you?
For this is what your feelings can do.

Would you mistrust your Saviour and Lord
Belittle the promise He makes in His word?

Ask yourself this: Are feelings so strong
You can trust them, when your life goes wrong?

Think of them now; up and down they go.
Could that be why your progress is slow?

Is God’s presence, consistent in you
His precious child; born again anew?

Take action now; your soul hurts enough
Let nothing spoil pure consistent love.

Turn to the Lord, feelings in control
He is constant; He will bless your soul.

Harness feelings, let nothing distract
God’s word is true and this is a fact.


Whenever we realize that faith in God is not a feeling, but is more real than the world we live in, we can overcome our old nature by the power of God the Holy Spirit, and rise to new heights in our walk with God; Ultimately, to be conformed to Christ in our love and devotion to our eternal God; through the trials of life, even unto death.



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