Fill Us With Your Love Anew


Fill Us With Your Love Anew
By Marie C Neubauer

The battle belongs to you Lord
Only you know what to do,
When our head does ache,
And our knees do shake,
Only you can bring us through!

The world has lots of remedies,
Lots of advice for mind and soul
Some may work to ease the pain,
But soon it will return again,
For only you can make us whole!

Help us to find a quiet place
Far from the worldly glare,
A quiet place alone with you
As hope and faith you do renew,
Let us feel your presence there.

Let us rest upon your words
As a little child learns to do,
Things are getting hard out here,
Only you can remove all fear,
And fill us with your love anew!


[Psalm 90]



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