Final Call


Final Call
By Tom D Blakely

We left in plenty of time, at least I thought we did.
The flight left at 17:30 and we kept our schedule tight.
We didn’t want to leave too soon, due to all that hanging about
And why get up too early, we’d be long enough en route?

There were a few diversions that may have caused delay
So we were glad to see the airport when we arrived that day.
Then another hold up, was when checking in the car
That done we grabbed our cases as the terminal wasn’t far.

Inside I looked on the large displays to find our check-in desk
But it wasn’t on the monitors so I had to go and ask.
It really was an awful shock to find the plane had gone
There wasn’t even another flight, so nothing could be done.

If you think this is stupid, there is something much more foolish
There’s a final call for all of us, when God calls us to repent.
Some figure on getting right with God, but decide there is no hurry
But this is no vacation flight, and a great cause for worry.

If we hang out in the world too long, we may leave it all too late
For God decides the times, the calls, and when to close the gate.
Today might be your final call, to meet Jesus at the cross
Don’t put this off another day or this could be your loss.




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