By Souad Susu Majdoub

There is a stirring
A move so daring
A glance so daunting
A passion so haunting

A holy fire
That knows our desire
Gives us what we require
Coiled up like a wire
Tough as burning tyre
Taming all that we acquire
Sealing them not to expire

There is a burning
That is churning
Leading to a yearning
To release flames of fire

Flames that burn across boundaries
Affecting many countries
Burning like eternal coals
Touching many souls

A unique fire in the making
Cought up in the awakening
Of every slumber
Adding many a number
Ablaze for a cause
Knocking on many doors
Gathering up momentum
Ready to explode

A holy fire is burning
Uniting all who are willing
To walk boldly
To speak courageously
For the One who gave Himself
For us bravely.




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