First Love


First Love
By Tom D Blakely

I was a little puzzled once when first I came to God,
As I sought Christian fellowship with someone at my work.
Dan was an active Christian lad, his witness seemed so good.
He told me I should talk of Christ; to boldly speak loud.

One day he came and said to me, ‘I’m buying another car’.
Dan knew he had no need of this; his latest heart’s desire.
I quietly reminded him, ‘You have a brand new car.
Think of your Christian witness Dan; do you need another?’

I asked Dan if he’d stopped to pray to God about this car?
‘We’re not to covet things,’ he said. ‘To sin I shouldn’t dare.’
A short time later Dan drove up showing off his latest car.
He caught my frown but smiling said, ‘I covet it no more!’

After a time I left that place, and sent Dan a Christmas card.
It was returned by his good wife, and in it she replied:
‘Dan doesn’t live here anymore; and this is why he’s gone.
A younger woman was the cause of our family’s ruin.’

For years I reckoned that was it; Dan chose a newer model.
I never thought about the cause of why Dan was unfaithful.
The cause was not a smart new car, nor a woman he desired.
You see Dan had lost his First Love, and that was why he strayed.


Jesus said:
‘Nevertheless, I have this against you, that you have left your first love.’
[Revelation 2:4]



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