By Christine Hare Tate

You raced out of bed today
when the alarm went off…
stubbed your toe, burned your toast
and developed a nasty cough.
Couldn’t find your wallet and
forgot to comb your hair,
went to grab your car keys
but found they weren’t there!
now you’re running really late
with your jacket half way on,
hoping the keys were in your car
but the garage door opener was gone!
By this time you were flustered,
and your head began to throb,
so when reaching for the aspirin
off came the cabinet knob.
You were in no shape to
face the world at large,
so you stomped back in but couldn’t
close the door in the garage!
then suddenly it dawned on you,
you sighed and said, “thank you Jesus”
and decided you’d better pray!
It’s what you should have done
before jumping out of bed…
then perhaps your morning
would have been nice instead!




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