Following Christ


Following Christ
By Lucia K Haase

They spread their cloaks and branches too,
before Him on the hallowed road,
for in their presence was a King
whose words and way took root and glowed.

“Son of David!” “Christ the Lord!” –
people shouted, all could hear,
stirring all the city, asking…
“Who is this that’s coming near?”

“This is Jesus!!” shouted they,
“From Nazareth in Galilee…
Jesus Christ, the Lord of all-
follow Him and you shall see!!”

Is that you amidst the crowd?
Are you listening today?…
for He clearly tells us that
He’ll be coming back this way –

Riding here on earth, again-
Son of God, triumphantly!!!
Will He know you by your name??
Follow Him and you shall see!


[Matthew 21:1-11 & Revelation 19:11-16]



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