Forever, To Rule And Reign With Him


Forever, To Rule And Reign With Him
By Joanne Standfield

At times our afflictions
seem too hard to bare,
we go through fire and water,
choked with worries and cares.
One thing after another
comes to attack and asail,
we seem to loose direction
like a rudderless ship without a sail.
But this one thing I do know
I’m never left alone,
even when He seems so far away
He’ll strengthen and bring me home.
The One who is faithful
will make a way of escape
all in His perfect time,
never too early or too late.
The gates of hell shall not prevail
against the army of the Lord
but we need to do our part
and lift high our two-edged sword!
Weilding the Word of victory
we’ll take back the land,
clothed in our armour
as on the Rock we stand.
Secure in the knowledge
that the battle is already won,
our victory was sealed at Calvary
by the blood of Jesus, God’s own Son.
He has rendered powerless
the author of death and sin,
while crowning us with glory and honor,
forever, to rule and reign with Him!




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