Forget Not The Cross


Forget Not The Cross
By Christine Hare Tate

He was falsely accused,
beaten and assailed,
battered, humiliated,
tormented and jailed.

He was mocked and spit at,
but He seldom replied,
and was publicly executed
when He was crucified.

Acquainted with rejection,
pain and agony,
injustice, hatred,
and great hostility!

He identifies with suffering,
and the intolerance of men,
yet still remains compassionate
just like He was back then.

Without Christ’s sacrifice
it’s eternal separation,
tho we deserved God’s wrath,
we received instead salvation!

Forget not the cross
and that day at Calvary,
for upon it’s splintered form
Christ died to set us free!


[Isaiah 53]



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