Forward In His Light


Forward In His Light
By June Stein

My hope is in the Lord,
My heart is set above,
There are no mysteries in this world,
Not covered by His Love.

Whatever the future holds,
May it hold more of Him,
It doesn’t matter what will come,
In Christ, my joy will never dim.

The Power of God is certain,
I do not have to know…
The answers to this world’s decay,
His Truth, no power can overthrow.

We must not be discouraged,
Nor fail to do our part,
To speak for Truth and Righteousness,
Which flow from Christ’s Own Heart.

The way of resignation,
Is not the path we follow,
With the Cross of Christ before us,
In weakness, never will we wallow!

We will hold His banner high,
Marching in His Light,
Forward, as one, in Jesus Christ,
The world around us will be bright.




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