From A Thief’s Perspective


From A Thief’s Perspective
By Rita Broden

There we were, the three of us,
Each hanging on a cross
Two of us were guilty – one was not
His accusers He did not rebuke.
He asked His Father to forgive them
I began to understand this was His lot
I’d heard about a Savior
But like so many others
I’d scoffed and just continued in my way
Hanging there right next to me
I looked into this good man’s eyes
That Savior was beside me on this day
An innocent between two thieves
A rose between two thorns
The punishment they gave
He took with love
My soul began to ache for Him
My heart began to break
But somehow I knew these things
He’d rise above
“If you’re Christ then save the three of us”
The other thief had jeered
I cringed and could no longer hold my tongue
“Do you not fear God?” I asked
“This man is innocent!”
“He does not deserve the cross on which He’s hung!”
My eyes once again met the Savior’s eyes
As I looked at Him I said:
“Lord, when you enter into your Kingdom remember me”
His response brought freedom to my soul
As He opened His mouth and spoke
“On this day in Paradise with Me you’ll be!”
Then darkness like we’d never seen
Descended all around
I clearly heard my Savior loudly cry,
“Father now into your hands I commend my spirit”
I cried as I then watched my Savior die
In what seemed like just an instant
I was standing face to face
With the One who on the cross
I’d hung beside We hugged each other with a warm embrace
I looked around and saw His Kingdom
With my Savior now forever I’ll abide.




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