God Of Wow!


God Of Wow!
By Souad Susu Majdoub

Awesome God, all I can say is wow!
Wooed by Your gentleness
Cooed by Your boldness
Wowed by Your abilities
Charmed by Your sensitivities.

God of Wow,
Testimonies that make us bow
Hobbies and talents of how
To dance with You now.

On our feet,
As we stand, we go to meet
Masses and fleets
All come to give glory
To the One that is Holy.

Sights and sounds on this earth
Mirror Your glory right from birth
Calling all faithful to come and search
Receive, radiate and glow with wealth.

Wow, in wonder we gaze
You never cease to amaze
Through fog and haze
Wow are Your ways.

God of Wow,
Along I tow
Many seeds to sow
Many gifts to show.

Wowed by You
Living for You
Wow, today, tomorrow and forever
Returning to darkness, definitely never.




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