God Softens The Blow


God Softens The Blow
By Cinda M Carter

When we sometimes feel tossed to and fro…
God softens the blow,
When the winds seem treacherous,
Hang on a little longer, for God will bless.

God did not promise us that we would not have trials to face…
But through each case,
God has a plan to fulfill in us for His Name’s sake.
No matter what it takes.

What trial may you be going through…
The one that keeps nagging at you,
Take heart my friends,
Let’s prepare ourselves for the coming noon tide end.

It ends in God’s peace for us…
All it takes is a little faith and trust.
Find yourself in Christ.
And hold on tight.

It is a fight to the end…
For this reason God sent to us all, dear friends,
Jesus the Christ so, that we may know.
God is there for us, to soften the blow.




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