God’s Beautiful World


God’s Beautiful World
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

The wooded hills of beech and oak,
of willow and of pine,
The valleys that are lush and green,
all these delights are mine.
As I wander through God’s countryside
so much I see and hear,
God He seems so close to me,
in this place that I hold dear.
I listen to the blackbird,
as he sings in tree top high,
I see a squirrel running
along a branch close by.
I come upon a little stream
it’s water cool and clear,
and as I stop to take a rest,
I feel my Lord is near.
I see Him in the beauty,
in every sight and sound,
In the butterfly and bumble bee,
and all the insects on the ground.
I see Him in the woodland
I see Him by the stream,
For in every place there is beauty,
the hand of God is seen.




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