God’s Dwelling Place


God’s Dwelling Place
By Tom D Blakely

May we enter through the veil
Cleansed by Jesus’ blood
To the holy dwelling place
Of Almighty God.

Fallen sinners once we were
But He paid the price;
On the cross He took our place:
Christ, our sacrifice.

Sickening to us is sin
We have been forgiven;
Clothed in Jesus’ righteousness
Proud to bear His Name.

Battered by the storms of life,
We find inner peace
Sheltered here, within the veil,
There is sweet relief.

Unseen troubles lie ahead
That would test our faith;
But God’s promises we claim
These will be our strength.

When within God’s dwelling place
World’s distractions cease.
Contrite minds and openness
Lead to joy and peace.

Keep us to our journey’s end
Lord, You hear our prayer;
Make our hearts Your dwelling place
Blessed Comforter.




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