God’s Hands


God’s Hands
By Doreen Higgs

God’s hands are strong but gentle
His hands are firm but kind
His hands created all the world
Yet His hands hold on to mine.

Those hands that put the stars in space
Made creatures great and small
Formed man in His own image
Then died to save us all.

Those hands that gently lifted up
A child, though she was dead.
That laid upon the sick and lame
As “Be healed” He gently said.

Those hands that lifted bread and wine
That were clasped together in prayer
Those hands were torn upon a cross
As the Lord of all hung there.

Now those hands gently guide,
The pilgrims on their way
And reach out lovingly to all
The ones that go astray.

On those hands are written
The names of everyone
Who love and serve their master
For He knows them everyone.

One day when this life is over
His hands, they wait for me
They will take my hand and help me
Cross over the final sea.

Then as I clasp His hand in mine
And look upon His face
I will know that God the Father
Has saved me by His grace.

For the hands that help me over
Are the hands that guided me
The hands that put the stars in space
Then were torn at Calvary.




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