God’s Way


God’s Way
By June Stein

Not in wind that broke the rocks,
Not in earthquake or fire choice,
In the hush of quiet peace,
Elijah could hear the still, small Voice.

Not in palace grandeur born,
Not announced by noble voice,
Star in heaven and angel host,
To tell Christ’s birth were the Father’s choice.

Crude manger in a stable,
Held the infant Prince of Peace,
Truly God, and truly man,
God’s Precious Lamb for our sins’ release.

Virgin Mary, sweet and pure,
Mother of God’s only Son,
And Joseph, faithful father,
Chosen to raise this heaven sent One.

Not in a city’s splendor,
Small Nazareth was His home,
Carpenter, His earthly trade,
As He traveled toward His cross, and throne.

Not from well known, honored men,
Were disciples He would call,
But fishermen, and tax man,
Who heard and agreed to commit all.

  On dusty roads, they followed,
As He taught, and healed, and prayed,
He had no home of His own,
As He reached out and touched on His way.

That way was leading Him on,
To Cross on Calvary’s hill,
Between two thieves, there impaled,
The Holy Lamb in the Father’s Will.

No punishment is required,
For us to pay for our sin,
God’s Own Son died to give us,
Salvation and His new life within.

Nothing was held back by God,
In His Love for sinful man,
Jesus took our guilt and shame,
In fulfillment of the Father’s plan.

Not by our own worth, we come,
Not in pride, or selfish whim,
But in laying ourselves down,
And finding all our worth is in Him.

Then forevermore we live,
In the Light of Jesus’ Love,
From earth to Heaven’s Glory,
With full righteousness in Him, above.

God’s Way – the only way! Hallelujah!




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